Students to Mentors

StagePassEU is a program that provides young people with the opportunity to explore their passion for the performing arts. It is a platform that enables students to develop their skills and abilities in music.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the program is when former students come back to help and volunteer as mentors. This is exactly what happened with the 2021 StagePassEU students. Some of the students from the previous year have returned as mentors for the new cohort of StagePassEU students.

Seeing former students return to the program as mentors is truly heartwarming. It is a testament to the value of the program and the impact it has on the lives of its participants. These former students have experienced firsthand the benefits of the program and are now eager to give back by sharing their knowledge and skills with the new students.

Image of the former students who are now mentors assisting the new cohort.

As mentors, these former students are providing guidance and support to the new cohort of students. They are sharing their experiences, offering advice, and encouraging their mentees to be the best they can be. The mentorship program is a valuable addition to the StagePassEU program, as it provides students with additional resources and support that can help them succeed.

At StagePassEU, we are very excited and proud of our former students who have returned as mentors. We believe that their contributions are invaluable and that they are making a positive impact on the lives of the new students. We hope that this mentorship program continues to grow and that more former students will return to help and volunteer in the future.

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