Learning Hub Friesland

The success of the StagePass project would not have been possible without the support and partnership of organisations like Learning Hub Friesland. 

Learning Hub Friesland (LHF) aims to stimulate education that keeps up with the latest developments in society by actively tackling the challenges which the educational sector faces in the coming years.

The team member from Learning Hub Friesland that participated in making StagePass a success is Frank Hiddink. Frank is integral to the StagePass EU project. Frank’s main role is in curriculumn development.

Frank Hiddink
Frank Hiddink

We are grateful to have Frank as part of the StagePass team.

Are you interested in learning more about Learning Hub Friesland and the work they do? Check out their website to stay up-to-date on their latest news and events. You can also find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, where they share updates, success stories, and other interesting content related to their work.

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