Derry Multiplier Event

Last month we saw the delivery of the StagePass Multiplier in Derry in partnership with the students from Oakgrove College and stakeholders and partners from across the North West and Europe.

The multiplier highlighted the fantastic work that the project has completed to date with the school and its students and highlighted the various opportunities open to Cohort 2 StagePass students. It also allowed the students to cross over different cultures, experience the youth culture & life in other countries, and share their talents with the world.

Students holding the StagePass banner posing for a photo.

We had representatives from the local enterprise agency, Derry City and Strabane District Council, local musician Paddy Nash and also a local English language school who were keen to explore the potential to develop their own cultural exchange programme.

Chris Kerrigan, head of Music at Oakgrove College, highlighted:

“Oakgrove Integrated College was delighted to participate in StagePass during the last academic year. This has been a wonderful opportunity for our students to get access to new opportunities that are supported by local musicians.”
Students sitting in a classroom as they hear more about StagePass.

This was a great way to showcase the students’ talents and also get them thinking about how they can use their skills on stage. The final activity was for the groups to write their own lyrics, create their own song, choose a melody, and then perform it as a group.

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