Day 3 of StagePass in Derry – A Showcase of Young Talent!

Day 3 of the StagePass music festival was a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

After months of rehearsals, the students finally got the chance to perform in front of  a  live  audience in  Derry. The performances were absolutely incredible, showcasing the hard work and dedication that the students had put into their music.

From solo acts to full ensemble performances, the show had something for everyone. The group orchestra performance was definitely a highlight of the day, with all the musicians coming together to create a truly beautiful sound.

It was a fantastic way to end an amazing week of music and friendship.

Thank You, Derry

It was a memorable week filled with music and connections that we will cherish for a long  time. We  are grateful to all the participants, parents, and partners who made the StagePass music event in Derry a great success.

That was an amazing experience for everyone involved, filled with  music workshops, rehearsals, and to top it all, a concert. It was a pleasure to see how students from different countries and cultures came together, shared their passion for music, and created something beautiful.

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