About StagePass

StagePass is a two-year ErasmusPlus project led by IDP which will connect and engage young people from schools in Inishowen with peers from Northern Ireland, Ireland, Poland and The Netherlands. The project is funded under ERASMUS+ KA2- Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices which is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The aim is to develop their core competencies and skills through the medium of music and in line with entrepreneurship education and performing arts. We will work with students and teachers over the course of the project to build a suite of open education training modules which we hope will benefit many young people, not just those participating in the project.

We are taking a novel approach to delivering this project by focusing very much on the participation and user experience of the young people themselves. They will be the architects of the project delivery which will then build their skillset in transferable life and employability skills.

Informacje o StagePassie

Over StagePass

Koncepcja StagePass została opracowana przez IDP przy wsparciu ENW i innych partnerów na etapie składania wniosków w październiku 2020 r. z ostatecznym planem utworzenia #4Tunes4Countries. Było to 8 miesięcy po wybuchu pandemii COVID-19. Udało się uzgodnić datę rozpoczęcia projektu na 1 czerwca 2021 r. – w czasie, gdy nadal istniało wiele niepewności, niepokoju, strat i ograniczeń z powodu COVID-19. W czerwcu 2021 r. IDP jako partner wiodący wdrożył potrzebne systemy zarządzania projektami i przeprowadził indywidualne spotkania i rozmowy online z partnerami w Holandii, Irlandii Północnej, Polsce i Irlandii. Zapoznanie się z koncepcją StagePass różniło się w przypadku wszystkich partnerów i uzgodniono, że będą oferować dostosowane podejście lokalnie, łącząc się online i korzystając z platformy Sound Trap w celu dzielenia się muzyką i nauką oraz budowania relacji, a także wszystkich prac przygotowawczych prowadzonych w 4 krajach, które zakończyły się wspólnym występem dla dwóch kohort młodych ludzi.


Słowa kluczowe: – Nawiązanie i umocnienie partnerstwa StagePass; Karta zespołu uzgodniona; Podręcznik projektu sfinalizowany; muzyka w sercu; szkoły na pokładzie; młodzi ludzie zaangażowani; StagePass staje się rzeczywistością; poznawanie branży muzycznej poprzez kursy mistrzowskie; łączenie za pomocą Sound Trap; lokalna nauka o muzyce; Planowanie transnarodowe i przełożenie podróży do Polski w styczniu 2022 r.; oraz tydzień LTTA i pierwszy TNPM podczas Liberation Festival Leeuwarden, Holandia, od 2 do 6 maja 2022 r.; Kohorta 1 ukończona i celebrowana; Kohorta 2 rekrutowana w ramach wydarzeń upowszechniających w 4 krajach partnerskich; Zaangażowani interesariusze; TNPM zaplanowane i zrealizowane dla Polski, Holandii, Irlandii Północnej i Irlandii; LTTA, które odbyło się w Derry w Irlandii Północnej w lutym 2023 r .; Spotkanie partnerów końcowych w Inishowen w kwietniu 2023 r. – miejsce podsumowania i świętowania silnego partnerstwa.

Het StagePass concept werd ontwikkeld door IDP, met ondersteuning van ENW en de andere partners in oktober 2020 met het uiteindelijke plan om #4Tunes4Countries te hebben. Dit was 8 maanden voor de wereldwijde COVID-19 pandemie. Eenmaal toegekend was de startdatum 1 juni 2021 – in een tijd waarin er nog steeds zoveel onzekerheid, angst en beperkingen waren vanwege COVID-19. In het begin zette IDP als hoofdpartner de benodigde Project Management systemen op en voerde één-op-één online vergaderingen en gesprekken met de partners in Nederland, Noord-Ierland, Polen en Ierland. Het StagePass concept onder de knie krijgen is voor alle partners anders geweest en er is afgesproken om lokaal een aanpak op maat aan te bieden, online te verbinden en het Sound Trap Platform te gebruiken om muziek te delen, te maken, samen te  leren en relaties op te bouwen en om al het voorbereidende werk dat in 4 landen plaatsvindt te laten samenkomen in een gezamenlijk optreden voor twee groepen jongeren.


Trefwoorden: – StagePass Partnership opgericht en versterkt; Team Charter overeengekomen; Project Handboek afgerond; muziek centraal; scholen aan boord; jongeren betrokken; StagePass wordt werkelijkheid; leren over de muziekindustrie door Master Classes; linken op Sound Trap; lokaal leren over muziek; Internationale planning en uitstel van Poolse reis in januari 2022; en de LTTA Leerweek en eerste partnermeeting gehouden voor Bevrijdingsfestival Leeuwarden, Nederland 2 tot 6 mei 2022; Cohort 1 afgerond en gevierd; Cohort 2 geworven via Multiplier Events in 4 partnerlanden; Stakeholders betrokken; partnermeetings gepland en afgerond voor Polen, Nederland, Noord-Ierland en Ierland; LTTA Leerweek gehouden in Derry, Noord-Ierland in februari 2023; Afsluitende Partnerbijeenkomst in Inishowen in april 2023 – een ruimte om een sterk partnerschap te evalueren en te vieren.

StagePass Partners

Inishowen Development Partnership

Inishowen Development Partnership (IDP) is a community-led local development company with a focus on the people, place, and progress of Inishowen. IDP has successfully managed and delivered on rural development and social inclusion programmes and initiatives in Donegal since 1996 on behalf of the European Union and the Irish Government through the National Development Plan. IDP also collaborates on a wide range of County-wide and Cross-border Initiatives. IDP is the lead partner on this  exciting StagePass collaboration and is responsible for the overall Project Management.


Shauna McClenaghan

Having graduated from UCD with a B Soc Sc (Hons) followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies through the Smurfit Business School, Shauna was awarded a Masters in  Social Policy and Administration from the University of Ulster. She is currently Joint CEO of Inishowen Development Partnership (IDP), an award-winning, multisectoral, not-for-profit, community-led local development company based in the Inishowen Peninsula of Donegal for over 20 years. From her hometown in County Galway and prior to moving to beautiful Inishowen, Shauna spent a decade in California working in the financial services sector. She has considerable experience in accessing and managing both private and public funding on a national, cross border and international level over the past two decades. Her work involves collaborating on an interagency basis to develop innovative responses, streamline support and create synergy. While shying away from musical performance, her musical appreciation is not wanting having partaken in lessons to Grade VIII in piano and Grade IV in violin in her youth, she now, however, appreciates reminiscing to any of the 80s classics and has been known to karaoke to Abba!  

Tracey McRory

Tracey McRory is coordinating the StagePass Programme with Inishowen Development Partnership. Tracey lives in Inishowen and is passionate about music, history, heritage and community. Tracey plays Harp and violin and enjoys a wide range of music from Pink Floyd to Beethoven, all music is welcome! She is a keen photographer and enjoys taking pictures of the wonderful scenery in Inishowen and Donegal.

Patricia Lee

Patricia Lee

Patricia Lee is the Team Lead for Strand 3 – Education, Families, Children, Young People, Health, and Well-being and supports the project with her research skillset. Patricia attends many of the partner, and some of the participant meetings as an observer and is recording and reporting on the StagePass Proof of Concept as well as the quality and review of the progress and implementation. 

Paul McGonigle

Paul McGonigle leads the finance and administration team of IDP. A qualified accountant and auditor, Paul oversees all financial and administrative requirements of the StagePass project. With a keen interest in mental health and a Masters Graduate of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Paul is heavily involved in coaching youth sports as well as being a mentor across sports clubs on mental health awareness issues. Musically still can bang out a tune on the tin whistle and enjoys a wide and varied playlist when the opportunity arises.

Enterprise North West

Enterprise North West is a non-profit social enterprise that specialises in business development & early stage growth, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social enterprise development and social innovation projects. Our client base currently includes micro and small businesses, public sector bodies, community & voluntary groups and education bodies across the North West of Ireland.

Over the last 30 years we have supported many aspiring and existing private and social entrepreneurs to grow and develop. Located across two sites in Derry City we also provide work-space and office accommodation for private and social enterprises to start up and grow. We are recognised as one of the market leaders in NI for our social enterprise and social innovation support.

Caolan Cambell

Caolan Campbell currently works for Enterprise North West advising and mentoring small businesses and entrepreneurs through their start-up journey. He comes from a financial background having worked in KPMG as an Audit Associate; auditing some of Ireland’s largest private companies. As well as this, outside of work Caolan is a petrol head, and loves running. Musical background is limited; a quick stint trying drums and recorder was the height of it!

Brian O’Neill

Brian O’Neill has worked for Enterprise North West for over 15 years across a number of roles. He specialises in social enterprise and social innovation projects and is passionate about how the ‘social impact’ of these projects can help make a difference in his local area. Outside of work Brian is a junior football coach, keen Liverpool football fan and loves playing any type of sport. His musical tastes are diverse to say the least with main genres covered in his playlists!!!

Wilson & Keys

Wilson and Keys are a management consultancy firm working internationally. Our clients are multi-sector global technology firms, arts and culture organisations, State Agencies and Universities.

We are creative, problem-solvers, with real-world experience. We lead, facilitate and execute.

Our passion is our client’s success. Wilson and Keys have a long track record of successful client projects, across multiple industries and sectors.

Wilson & Keys

Mary Carty

II LO – The Second High School in Gdynia

This school year the II LO is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Being one of the oldest schools in Gdynia, it prides itself on rich history, high level of education and many different projects. We currently teach about 900 students aged 14-19 years old.

We are in regular cooperation with many countries. We have been involved in students’ exchanges with France, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine and Sweden. Our students have also taken part in conferences in The Hague, Singapore and Bremen, these being simulations of the UN deliberations aimed at seeking solutions to the world’s political and economic problems. Since 2012, the school has participated in the only legal competition for high schools from around the world, held every two years in The Hague. Our students are also encouraged to take part in various charity events, including fundraisers for refugees, and concerts raising money for our students in need.

We strive to raise sensitive, independent and respectful young people, who identify themselves as Europeans, speak foreign languages and want to create a better future for us all.



Learning Hub Friesland

Learning Hub Friesland aims to stimulate education which keeps up with the latest developments in society. How? By actively tackling the challenges which the educational sector faces in the coming years.

Working with local primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities we look for partners in Friesland and Europe and work together on solutions to create education which is truly ready for 21st century realities. Curious? Check out our current projects. Exploring how other schools and organisations do things differently, putting your own educational system into perspective and stepping out of your comfort zone; innovation comes much quicker and easier if you have the chance to work internationally.



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